The necktie

Someone reacted to the necktie story I posted yesterday with this comment…

Andrew Todd 008

It’s a comment from Buck McNair’s son.

Dad was Wing Commander Flying 126 RCAF Airfield in  ’43- ’44.  I hope this is an appropriate posting because he also flew with Red Indian Squadron 421, mentioned above.  Dad was presented with a fine engraved silver beer mug to celebrate him shooting down ” the hundreth Hun” for the squadron. The engraving is, under a fine depiction of the “Red Indian” chieftain, as follows:

To S/Ldr RW “Buck” McNair, DFC and Bar
Who destroyed the 100th Hun
For the Canadian Spit IX Wing
Sept 1943
“Cheers Actually”

He was presented later with a silver tray by 126 Wing, engraved by all the members alive at the time (including my Godfather and Dad’s Best Man at his wedding).  I can’t find a utility to attach photos of the tray and mug but will try to do so later.

“Presented by 126 Wing RCAF Airfield
Wing Commander RW McNair
DSO DFC & Bars
Wing Commander Flying
October 1943-April 1944″

The pilots/ signatories on the tray are:
CP Wyman, J Hubbard, Gordon Lapp, Ewart Lindsey, RW Hogg, CW Fox, Len
Harrison, GW Johnson, WR Tew, JS Hamilton, GB Murray, GA Bell, J
Nixon, RR Bouskill, J Sheppard, Ken Grant, DE Thorpe, JE McAllister,
JR Cronk, Tex Davenport, Bob Hayward, P Wallace, JA Shaw, JM
Bell-Irving, J Billing, TR Wheler, SJR Phillips, WT Klersy, WA Bishop,
DB Wurtele, Russ Or, SA Mills, AB Wheeler, DH Evans, RP Vatcher, T
Dowbigging, CD Cross, TW Love, W Bliss, WR Gibson, Art Booth, Monty
Berger, ML Anderson, D Laubman,  J Goldberg, RA Hayward, KLB Hodson, M
Laureys, R Smith, —Marshall, H Garwood, DRC Jamieson, G Panchuk, LM
Cameron, S Berryman, Art Tooley, P Charron, DJ Dewar, RS Hyndman, WS
Johnson, NR Fowlow, G Keefer, HW Kramer, J Koch, WJ Ewens, AR
Hamilton, E Dillsul, B Needham, AF Holcourt (?), WF Guiens, Ross
Linquist, Bruce Whiteferd, Chuck Steele, HC Trainor, DD Ashleigh, HA
Heacock, WE Cummings, BH Cull, R. Stayner, Bob Hayward, Tex Davenport,
R Thitcher, WR McRae, JA Kerr.

To be continued…?

There is a funny side to all this.

I did not know there was a 126 Wing, but then I knew nothing about 403 Squadron before I met Walter Neil Dove’s grandson back in September 2011 when he showed me his grandfather’s logbook and his old photo album.

Nor anything about 421 Squadron…

Funny isn’t?

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