I am just lost for words…

This might be the first time I am lost for words on this blog…

This letter is dated November 11, 2013.

I just received it in the mail. It’s from Andrew Todd, Tommy Todd’s grandson.

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Andrew Todd Lost for words

The necktie…

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The information…

Andrew Todd 002 Andrew Todd 003 Andrew Todd 004

Andrew Todd 005 Andrew Todd 006 403 squadron information

To be continued…

17 thoughts on “I am just lost for words…

  1. the letter from Mr. Raymond Mills, is very nice. I met Ray Mills in England, when I went to visit the Widow Campbell. Ray had been president of the 127 Canadian Wing association in England for many years, and on his letter he indicates he is a member of the RCAF Association and the Canadian Fighter Pilots Association. I believe he is gone, now, but he was instrumental, along with a dozen close friends, of keeping the spirit of 403 and 127 Wing alive.

    • Thanks for this information.
      I will use what is in the letter to continue on with this story.
      As you can see there were a lot of service men killed.

      Lest we forget

  2. I love the fact that Mr. Black knew Mr. Mills! I had no idea who he was or why i had his letter. so many stories untold.

    • Dean has been a great contributor.
      You also in a sense are contributing with this document that will pay homage to the service men who lost their lives.
      I won’t be lost for words…
      Mark my words.

      Still can’t over the necktie.

  3. Dad was Wing Commander Flying 126 RCAF Airfield in ’43- ’44. I hope this is an appropriate posting because he also flew with Red Indian Squadron 421, mentioned above. Dad was presented with a fine engraved silver beer mug to celebrate him shooting down ” the hundreth Hun” for the squadron. The engraving is, under a fine depiction of the “Red Indian” chieftain, as follows:
    To S/Ldr RW “Buck” McNair, DFC & Bar
    Who destroyed the 100th Hun
    For the Canadian Spit IX Wing
    Sept 1943
    “Cheers Actually”
    He was presented later with a silver tray by 126 Wing, engraved by all the members alive at the time ( including my Godfather and Dad’s Best Man at his wedding). I can’t find a utility to attach photos of the tray and mug but will try to do so later.

    “Presented by 126 Wing RCAF Airfield
    Wing Commander RW McNair
    DSO DFC & Bars
    Wing Commander Flying
    October 1943-April 1944”

    The pilots/ signatories on the tray are:
    CP Wyman, J Hubbard, Gordon Lapp, Ewart Lindsey, RW Hogg, CW Fox, Len
    Harrison, GW Johnson, WR Tew, JS Hamilton, GB Murray, GA Bell, J
    Nixon, RR Bouskill, J Sheppard, Ken Grant, DE Thorpe, JE McAllister,
    JR Cronk, Tex Davenport, Bob Hayward, P Wallace, JA Shaw, JM
    Bell-Irving, J Billing, TR Wheler, SJR Phillips, WT Klersy, WA Bishop,
    DB Wurtele, Russ Or, SA Mills, AB Wheeler, DH Evans, RP Vatcher, T
    Dowbigging, CD Cross, TW Love, W Bliss, WR Gibson, Art Booth, Monty
    Berger, ML Anderson, D Laubman, J Goldberg, RA Hayward, KLB Hodson, M
    Laureys, R Smith, —Marshall, H Garwood, DRC Jamieson, G Panchuk, LM
    Cameron, S Berryman, Art Tooley, P Charron, DJ Dewar, RS Hyndman, WS
    Johnson, NR Fowlow, G Keefer, HW Kramer, J Koch, WJ Ewens, AR
    Hamilton, E Dillsul, B Needham, AF Holcourt (?), WF Guiens, Ross
    Linquist, Bruce Whiteferd, Chuck Steele, HC Trainor, DD Ashleigh, HA
    Heacock, WE Cummings, BH Cull, R. Stayner, Bob Hayward, Tex Davenport,
    R Thitcher, WR McRae, JA Kerr.

  4. Now I know who Ray Mills is.
    He sent my Grandma a reply to a letter she wrote to him about my Grandpa.

    Wish he put a date on it though.

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