Feel free to comment

Feel free to comment like Buck McNair’son did.

Excellent site.  Keep up the great work.  I am the son of G/C Buck McNair and it does my heart good to see such an interesting and active site.

Feel free to share with all of us like Pat did last year in this article.


More about Buck McNair on this Website.


4 thoughts on “Feel free to comment

  1. About Buck McNair…


    “His leadership, courage, dedication and his indomitable will to survive were manifestations of his contribution to Canadian aviation.”

    Robert McNair grew up in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and was employed as a ground wireless operator. He enrolled in the RCAF in June 1940 and graduated as a pilot in March 1941. He transferred to Malta where he destroyed five enemy aircraft and damaged eight others and scored several more hits during a fierce air battle in his Spitfire over Dieppe. McNair became Squadron Leader in September 1942 of 416 Squadron and then 421 Squadron and in doing so, added eight more victories to his name. McNair’s courage and bravery exhibited in WWII carried through to his civil service when in 1953, the North Star aircraft on which he was traveling as Senior Officer crashed at Sea Island, British Columbia. Although injured and soaked in gasoline, he managed to rescue and account for all passengers and crew members.

  2. Being as I mostly concentrated my research to the Pacific war, I missed all this history about the action in Europe and at home (both US and Canada) Great post and links!

    • It was a world war…
      We can’t be everywhere…
      I did not know a thing about the paratroopers in the Pacific before I found your blog.

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