Lest We Forget Redux

Rememberance Day is just around the corner. I am reposting this article I wrote last year about Hank Duval.

Old post

I forgot to post this painting Dean Black sent me last year. Dean is the publisher and executive editor of Airforce Magazine.


The painting was done by Robin S. McQueen who was with 403 Squadron. He depicted this incident…

As a footnote to this story, Dean Black added this comment…

For those interested in the painting, and its connection to the photograph: a man named Duval was piloting KH-D, when a wind-gust brought his hasty effort to get airborne to a grinding halt. Duval jumped out of KH-D and commandeered another aircraft KH-B, which had already been started by another 403 officer. Soon thereafter, Duval was leading a section, behind his Commanding Officer S Ldr Ken Campbell. The war diary entry for that day indicates Duval’s section and Campbell’s section were flying just below the cloud base, and German fighters kept popping out of the clouds to shoot on the Spitfires. Consequently, the Spitfire sections were bobbing and weaving in self-defence. Duval apparently bobbed when he should have weaved, and flew right into his Commanding Officer’s aircraft. Both went down, but only Campbell survived. Duval was killed and Campbell found himself in a prisoner-of-war camp for the rest of the war. When war ended, Campbell went back to England and paid a visit to Duval’s widow. Soon thereafter Campbell married Duval’s widow, and they lived happily ever after, raising a family of four children. I paid a visit to Mrs. Campbell in 2002. Robin McQueen, the artist, painted this for me in later 2002 as part of a story I wrote about one of the pilot’s who happened to be flying No. 2 on Campbell’s Wing the day the aircraft collided.