Spitfire R7139

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Here is a photo of Spitfire R7139 that was sponsored by the townspeople of Walsall in the west midlands. They raised so much money that they actually paid for the construction of two Spitfires R7143 that later came to Canada and R7139 that ended up serving with No. 308 and 403 Squadrons. I am still trying to find out any information on the coding of R7139 while flying with No. 403 and who was involved in the flying accident on June 3, 1941.

Can you help?

R7139Photo credit: author’s collection via Walsall Local History Centre

Factory No. 1467
Sponsored as “Walsall II
First Flight – George Pickering February 20, 1941
No. 6 Maintenance Unit February 20, 1941
No. 308 (F) “City of Kraków” Squadron (coded ZW-C) May 14, 1941
No. 403 (F) “City of Calgary” Squadron (RCAF) May 28, 1941 at Baginginton, Warickshire (coded KH-?)
Flying accident – category B June 3,1941
Air Service Training – local? for repairs
No. 57 Operational Training Unit January 15, 1942

Lee W. Walsh


14 thoughts on “Spitfire R7139

  1. The 403 War Diary for Tuesday, June 3, 1941 provides three crashes one of which may have involved this aircraft:

    “Cold and overcast. Aerodrome still unserviceable. Pilots went to High Ercall for flying. One section operational at Tern Hill. P/O Murray turned a Spitfire over on Landing; P/O Waldon broke the undercarriage of another Spitfire on making a heavy landing at Tern Hill. P/O Fannon completed an unfortunate day by undershooting, ploughing his way through some trees and landing in a duck pond. One scramble during the day; interception made with friendly aircraft.”

  2. Furthermore, from the book titled “Spitfire”, the following coding is registered against this aircraft (R7139):
    R7139 1477 Walsall II
    FF 19-2-41 6 MU 25-2 con to FVA M45 HAL con to PRIV 14-3 1416Flt 7-5 140S 31-10 HAL 15-12 con to PRVII Type G 1PRU 22-2-42 543S 30-9
    FAAC 17-5-43
    HAL 8
    OTU 21-8
    SOC 6-3-45

    Some of the abbreviations are as follow:
    con – converted to;
    FAAC – Flying Accident Category AC;
    FF – first flight;
    HAL – Heston Aircraft Limited;
    MU – Maintenance Unit;
    OTU – operational training unit;
    PR – photographic reconnaissance (followed by aircraft type);
    PRU – photographic reconnaissance unit;
    SOC – struck off charge;

    Since there is no mention of 403 whatsoever, I would argue this aircraft may have never served at 403 Squadron.

  3. Finally, a quick look at R7143 similarly shows no evidence the aircraft flew with 403 Squadron.
    It is worthwhile noticing that both R7139 and R7143 were both converted to photoreconnaissance aircraft.
    At no time during its history was 403 Squadron assigned such a mission; therefore, it would appear information saying one or both of these aircraft served with 403 Squadron is simply wrong.

  4. As I suspected! I just looked up the entry for R7140, which is written just below that of R7139 in the book “Spitfire”, and the R7140 entry matches what Lee W. Walsh describes in his original question. I have therefore concluded that he misread the entries, claiming R7139, when he was actually reading R7140. Cheers

    • I think Lee has his answer.
      Thanks again.


      P.S. I wrote an article about your link to the ORBs. I also reposted my article about Mac Reeves.

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