403 Squadron ORB for 1945

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Monday, 1 January, 1945

The first day of the New Year and what a way to start it off.  At about 0830 hours this morning we had a social call from Jerry in the form of about 30 aircraft which strafed the drome.  They strafed everything in sight, the aircraft, hangars, dispersals and personnel and what a mess they made of things.  They didn’t get away that easy.  Three of our kites, flown and led by P/O Steve Butte, P/O Mac Reeves and F/S Lindsay respectively were just taking off on a patrol when Jerry appeared over the drome.  Within minutes of becoming airborne, Butte shot down and destroyed three enemy aircraft, two ME 109s and one FW 190.  Mac Reeves shot down and destroyed two FW 190s and Lindsay destroyed one ME 109 and probably destroyed a further ME 109.  Considering the odds against them, it was a damn good show.

Mac Reeves

Mac Reeves
(Walter Neil Dove collection via Greg Bell)

About Mac Reeves…


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