Joseph Gilles Bachand

This airman was with 419 Squadron.

Joseph Gilles Bachand

Joseph Gilles Bachand

He is listed on Dan Logan’s Website.

This is the page, and an excerpt…

On July 15th 1943 WO II Bachand is posted to 419 Moose squadron. Between July 27th to February 12th he had flown on 16 previous operations with F/O Laidlaw and crew. When on the night of February 12/13 1944 on a mine laying mission to Borkum Island when the aircraft was lost. The lost was a mysterious one. Five other crews in the area saw no enemy aircraft or other enemy action such as flak. No mayday was received back from the aircraft and no explosions were seen by the other aircraft. No Luftwaffle records show any claims for aircraft during that time and place.
And so this experienced crew and their aircraft disappeared somewhere after there leaving their base. Leaving no trace or record of what happened.

But there is still another impressive Website paying homage to this airman.

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Impressive isn’t?

His last mission.