Another Impressive Website Redux

Dan wrote a comment on the blog about what I posted about his Website.

This was about Dan’s Website…

As our Home page says “everyone has a story” memories and photos should not be allowed to fade. My father was a member of the 419 Moose squadron and like many servicemen he never spoke about his experience while overseas. It left me, as it may have left you wondering what our fathers, uncles or grandfathers had experienced during during those times. The squadron’s story contains many examples of heroism and valour that have been mostly forgotten. But all are more intense and real then any fictional novel. For these were real men in true live and death situations.

In his later years my father collected photos and historical bits of the squadron from the many members he kept in touch with and added these to those he had accumulated during his service years. His idea was to gather the stories of those who served with 419 squadron and to preserve the legacy of those individuals who became the “Moose” squadron.


Since I have my own blog about RCAF 425 Alouette a French-Canadian squadron, I know how impressive Dan’s Website is.


Dan wrote this other comment…

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the kind words and promoting my 419 website. I should add a link from my site, if that is ok with you.

As for the “pinching myself”, if I understand what you are trying to say then it is a common experience. In the year I have been putting together the data on the 419 the number of times when strange, and that is the best word to describe it, things happen. Contacted by familes of crewmen whose webpage I would be just starting to work on, contacts from multiple families of different crewmen of the same lost crew contacting me the same day and none of whom know each other. And it’s not once or twice this has happened, make it dozens of times.

It’s as if those who were lost want to be heard and not forgotten. Wierd , but maybe not.

Let me know if you want to link up

I wrote back…

Pinching myself is the right expression…

I know this might be weird, but I have exactly the same feeling about someone guiding us in all this.
In the case of 403 Squadron, I think Wally Dove is looking over my shoulder.

Of course you can link my blog or blogs… I have several.
But 425 Squadron is okay since there is a link there.

My blog about RAF 23 Squadron is most interesting since these airmen flew missions to protect Bomber Command’s bombers over Germany.

Presentation page written in 2010!

By the way Dan, did I say your Website is impressive?