Another Impressive Website

Dan who wrote a comment asking information about Flight Lieutenant David Evans has this Website about 419 Squadron.

About the site…

As our Home page says “everyone has a story” memories and photos should not be allowed to fade. My father was a member of the 419 Moose squadron and like many servicemen he never spoke about his experience while overseas. It left me, as it may have left you wondering what our fathers, uncles or grandfathers had experienced during during those times. The squadron’s story contains many examples of heroism and valour that have been mostly forgotten. But all are more intense and real then any fictional novel. For these were real men in true live and death situations.

In his later years my father collected photos and historical bits of the squadron from the many members he kept in touch with and added these to those he had accumulated during his service years. His idea was to gather the stories of those who served with 419 squadron and to preserve the legacy of those individuals who became the “Moose” squadron.


I got my own about RCAF 425 Alouette a French-Canadian squadron.

Ce blogue est dédié entièrement à l’escadrille Les Alouettes connue aussi comme l’escadrille 425 Alouette.

Ce fut la première et la seule escadrille canadienne-française durant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale.

Ce blogue sera un lieu de partage des informations que je possède et aussi des informations que les descendants des aviateurs et tout autre membre du personnel de cette escadrille voudront bien partager.

Bien sûr que les vétérans peuvent également participer.

Je te plumerai.

425 Alouette Signatures

Small world…

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