Pilots Redux

I love this comment left below this post I wrote last year.

I grew up knowing the story about Chuck Thornton – he was my Dad.

180th article about RCAF No. 403 Squadron, and it’s not over by all means…

Someone has written about another pilot, Charles Thornton.

He is in this picture.


That was the name file for this picture Peter Lecoq sent me a few months ago when he found my blog. He had some pictures that he had found on his hard disk.

In this picture, Charles Thornthon was just a face and a name…

Now, he is much much more because Francis in Belgium is writing something about Charles Thornton.

It’s going to be a great story that will pay homage to this pilot and to the Belgian man who helped him escaped from the Germans for a while before Charles Thornton was finally captured.

When Francis is all done, he is going to send me a copy in French, and I will translate it for you.

So you see, this blog is a never-ending blog about a little known RCAF Spitfire squadron in WWII.

2 thoughts on “Pilots Redux

    • Francis is writing an article about Chuck Thornton. He is not his son.
      I wrote Chuck’s son to get in touch with Francis.
      We will go from there.
      I will keep you posted on how this story evolves.


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