Comment from Robert de Vries on Wing Commander L.S. Ford

Hi Pierre,

Thanks a lot for attending me.

I also did some research at the Bundes Militar Archiv in Freiburg, Germany and found some reports on the fight, in which the Spitfire of WCdr L.S. Ford was shot down.

I have attached copies of the original reports, maybe you can put them on your Website?

The first attach is a report of the German 347th infantry division (responsible for defending the Dutch coast). In the report on the 14th of July 1943 there is a remark that the body of WCdr L.S. Ford was found on the coast of the Vlieland Island, Netherlands.


report 1

The other attach is a report of the Command of the 34th German Minesweeper flottila.


report 2

The actual fight (only 3 minutes) with the six Spitfires, including the one with WCdr Ford, wasn’t with E-boats but with coast minesweepers who were operating in the Nordsea (in the surrounding of Den Helder).

There is a very detailled fight report of the fight between the minesweepers and the Spitfires, also there is a drawing included.

report 3

About the crash of the Spitfire of WCdr Ford there is the following remark “The third plane from the right, which flew about 10 meters above the boats M 3403 and M 3407, crashed down in sea about 1500 meters behind the boats and sunk.”

On the 18th of August there was the order by Generalkommando Niederlande to bury the Canadian pilot with military honor by the Kriegsmarine Detachment on the Vlieland Island.


Robert de Vries

5 thoughts on “Comment from Robert de Vries on Wing Commander L.S. Ford

  1. Yes, the fighting report is very detailled. Must have been a heavy fight as you also see the wounded on the German side, and the amount of used ammunition by the Germans and the damage on German site (further on in the fighting report, not published here).

  2. I spoke with the director of the Queens County museum and there will be a correction that W/C L.S. Ford’s Spitfire VC (AA 980) was shot down by 3 German minesweepers.

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