Some Erks Identified

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Some Erks Identified

Most of my dad’s pictures don’t have captions. This one does. Wouldn’t it be nice to make contact via this blog with some of the families of these men?

Some Erks

(Left to Right)

George White, Kenora;

John Niell, Edmonton;

Whitbark, Toronto;

R.J. Barnes, Montreal;

Shifty Kerr, Winnipeg;

Len Barnes, Hamilton.

My father George White and “Shifty” Kerr were on the same crew for the duration of the war,

 Some Erks back

This photo was taken at Advanced Airdrome Headcorn Kent and was likely taken in the August 1943 when 403 Squadron was flying Spitfire IXb’s and was stationed there for a short time under the command of Wing Commander “Johnny Johnson”.

(See the link for history of this Airdrome and a Memorial Plaque for 403 Squadron)

Memorial Plaque

6 thoughts on “Some Erks Identified

  1. Pierre, a truly impressive tribute to 403 Squadron. I’m sure it’s a labour of love, but congratulations, nonetheless.
    I was wondering whether your contributor, Mark White, might be able to shed light on whether “his” George White was the same “James George White” who went on to become an MPP in Kenora in 1948. The Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians is trying to create a biographical record of all former MPP’s, for the same reason you have worked to preserve the legacy of 403 Squadron. Any information, or contact details for Mark, would be most appreciated.

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