403 Squadron – 21 March 1943

From Dean Black

403 Squadron 21 March 1943

403 Squadron – 21 March 1943.

Standing Left to Right –

Sgt H.H. Miller,

Sgt D.C. Hamilton,

P/O Berger,

F/Sgt G.D. Aitken,

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F/L C.M. Magwood,


S/Ldr N. Fowlow, (from Winnipeg, MB, J15095)

S/L Norman Ralph Fowlow, DFC, was killed in action on May 19, 1944 at age 22. He was serving with 411 Squadron when his Spitfire LF834 was shot down by flak while dive bombing the railway crossing at Hazebrough, France).

S/Ldr Leslie Sydney Ford, DFC. (Ford, from Liverpool, NS, was killed on June 4, 1943 at age 22. He was serving with 402 Squadron when his Spitfire was shot down off the coast of Holland).

F/L Hugh Constant Godefroy,


F/O T. Brannagan,

P/O Harry J. Dowding,

P/O W.T. Lane (J16198 Lane, from Sudbury, On, was killed in action on May 15, 1943, when his Spitfire was lost to enemy action inland from the Somme Estuary, France),

F/L Richer,

and F/O Johnson.

On the wings:

P/O Dover,

Sgt George Rawson Brown, (J17567 Brown, from Hamilton, On, was killed in action on May 31, 1943, when Spitfire LZ955 was lost off Sieuport, France. He has no known grave. When he was hit the other 403 pilots distinctly heard him say “goodbye” over the radio, in a debonair manner. Although they saw a parachute blossom far below, after the radio call, he was never seen again).

Sgt William George Uttley. (R105253, Uttley, from Toronto, On, was killed in action on May 13, 1943, when his Spitfire BS104 went missing on a cross-channel sweep).

F/O Roy Wozniak,

Sgt  Harold Elwood Morrow. Harold Elwood Morrow left 403 Squadron ten days after this photo was taken. He was posted to the Middle East. On March 29, 1944, while flying with 417 Squadron he was on a defensive patrol over the beach at Anzio and was shot down. He appears to have been able to bail out, but at a very low altitude. His chute could not have opened much above 100 feet and after two violent swings he was seen to splash in the water, never to be heard from again.

Sgt N.F. Cottrill,

Sgt Norm V. Chevers

and Sgt Joseph Leo Deschamps. (R98254 Deschamps was killed in action on April 4, 1943, just days after this photograph was taken. Flying Spitfire BS120, he was lost during a cross-channel sweep).

403 Squadron 21 March 1943 labels

Some Erks Identified

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Some Erks Identified

Most of my dad’s pictures don’t have captions. This one does. Wouldn’t it be nice to make contact via this blog with some of the families of these men?

Some Erks

(Left to Right)

George White, Kenora;

John Niell, Edmonton;

Whitbark, Toronto;

R.J. Barnes, Montreal;

Shifty Kerr, Winnipeg;

Len Barnes, Hamilton.

My father George White and “Shifty” Kerr were on the same crew for the duration of the war,

 Some Erks back

This photo was taken at Advanced Airdrome Headcorn Kent and was likely taken in the August 1943 when 403 Squadron was flying Spitfire IXb’s and was stationed there for a short time under the command of Wing Commander “Johnny Johnson”.

(See the link for history of this Airdrome and a Memorial Plaque for 403 Squadron)

Memorial Plaque