From Dave McAdams’ private collection…

Hi Pierre:

I dug around and found the compass and grabbed some images and took some photos of the 403 Squadron plaque.  The compass was a challenge to photograph with the lens I had.  I loaned one of my lenses to a friend and need to get it back and see if I can get a better image of the compass front.  As mentioned, he recovered this from a crashed German aircraft in England

I have uploaded the images to Skydrive rather than jam your inbox with digital photos.  

All the best


AK39 Compass (2) zoom


2 thoughts on “Perfect!

  1. Dave,
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the things your dad kept from the wartime.
    My dad didn’t have too many things, but after seeing your pictures, I am now motivated to photograph what I have and share it.
    Mark White

    • You are more than welcome.

      Sharing is the way to go on this blog.

      Just like Greg did with his grandfather’s album and logbook.
      Everyone now benefits.

      Thanks also to the posts you wrote about erks.

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