More Again from Dean Black


Photo # 27 – UK – 20288   PL 43241  5/4/45?

A group of pilots of the RCAF Wolf Squadron, who posed for snapshots on a summery March day before their nissen dispersal hut at the new RCAF airfield in Belgium. 

REAR left to right: 

F/L E.G. Aitchison, Elora, Ont.;

F/O George R. Nadon, Temiskaming, PQ.;

+P/O Steve Butte, DFC., Michel, B.C.;

F/O Andy Birchnall, Stamford Centre, Ont.(adjutant); 

F/O A.J. McLaren, Kenogami, PQ. (21 Price St;

F/O F.S. Gillis, Pense, Sask.;

F/L J.W. Gilmartin, Hamilton, Ont (172 Balmoral Ave);

F/L S.A. Tosh, Almonte, Ont.;

F/L T.S. Todd, Hamilton, Ont (20 Part St. S);

WO1 George V. Boudreau, Lower Wedgeport, Yarmouth City, N.S. (Missing)

Front:  Sgt R.C. Neitz, Framingham USA;

F/O A.V.R. Sainsbury Toronto (106 Lyton Blvd);

F/O David Leslie, Halifax (288 Goddington St);

F/L W.N. Dove, Sarnia, (329 South Mitten St);

F/O John Robert Baker, North Markham, On;

F/L C.J. Tomlinson, Toronto (10 Tichester Rd);

P/O Harold Byrd, Tulsa, Okla (317 West 11th St.) Missing. 

On motorbike, F/L Reg Morris, Windsor Ont (547 Brock)

I believe this picture is part of a series of pictures taken late March 1945. On one of the shots Mac Reeves (arrow) is seen next to Bob Shannon.

Mac Reeves

Mac would die on March 28th, 1945.

Mac Reeves caption

Mac Reeves

Mac Reeves tombstone

Dean Black wrote me this about how Mac Reeves died…

8 thoughts on “More Again from Dean Black

  1. Pierre,

    Could you ask Dean Back if he knows what happened to Stu A. Tosh of Almonte? He is a former 130 squadron pilot from Bagotville.

  2. You are encouraged to read a post to this blog by Stu Tosh’s daughter, in November 2011. Stu Tosh died at the Almonte hospital in 1996, but, again, his daughter wrote a post in November of 2011, I believe, and Pierre approved the post. Her last name is Holly or something like that.

  3. Sorry, it was from November 2012, and it was titled “Bottom of the Ninth”. Shirley wrote: “Stuart (Stew) Tosh was my Dad. He was a great athlete and that has been passed on to his children, grandchildren and his great grandchildren.

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