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Photo # 27 – UK – 20288   PL 43241  5/4/45?

A group of pilots of the RCAF Wolf Squadron, who posed for snapshots on a summery March day before their nissen dispersal hut at the new RCAF airfield in Belgium. 

REAR left to right: 

F/L E.G. Aitchison, Elora, Ont.;

F/O George R. Nadon, Temiskaming, PQ.;

+P/O Steve Butte, DFC., Michel, B.C.;

F/O Andy Birchnall, Stamford Centre, Ont.(adjutant); 

F/O A.J. McLaren, Kenogami, PQ. (21 Price St;

F/O F.S. Gillis, Pense, Sask.;

F/L J.W. Gilmartin, Hamilton, Ont (172 Balmoral Ave);

F/L S.A. Tosh, Almonte, Ont.;

F/L T.S. Todd, Hamilton, Ont (20 Part St. S);

WO1 George V. Boudreau, Lower Wedgeport, Yarmouth City, N.S. (Missing)

Front:  Sgt R.C. Neitz, Framingham USA;

F/O A.V.R. Sainsbury Toronto (106 Lyton Blvd);

F/O David Leslie, Halifax (288 Goddington St);

F/L W.N. Dove, Sarnia, (329 South Mitten St);

F/O John Robert Baker, North Markham, On;

F/L C.J. Tomlinson, Toronto (10 Tichester Rd);

P/O Harold Byrd, Tulsa, Okla (317 West 11th St.) Missing. 

On motorbike, F/L Reg Morris, Windsor Ont (547 Brock)

I believe this picture is part of a series of pictures taken late March 1945. On one of the shots Mac Reeves (arrow) is seen next to Bob Shannon.

Mac Reeves

Mac would die on March 28th, 1945.

Mac Reeves caption

Mac Reeves

Mac Reeves tombstone

Dean Black wrote me this about how Mac Reeves died…

Keith Aspinall

Keith is a Manchester born retired civil engineer who has been painting aviation subjects for the past twenty years. He is entirly self taught and his style is characterised by precise detail and technical accuracy which he feels is a result of his engineering training. After retiring from full time employment with Kent County Coucil Keith moved to Lincolnshire in April 1998 in the hope of finding a wider market for his work, and the move has proved to be successful. He is an Associate Member of the Guild of Aviation Artists and regularly exhibits work at the Guilds Annual Open Exhibition in London. In addition he has completed over a hundred commissions for private clients in England and abroad including RAF and American Eighth Air Force associations. Many of his painting are currently in print and his work is on the covers of a number of books recently published in France, the United States and the UK. Sadly, Keith Aspinall died in 2007.


Taken from the site…

You can visit the site to view his work.