From Dean Black: about Lyn Bertram Madden

Saturday, 15 May, 1943

The weather was sunny and warm with cloud in the morning that cleared off by noon. 

Circus 297: S/L Magwood led the Wing as high Cover to 12 Bostons bombing Poix. 

Rendezvous was made at Bexhill on the deck and the French coast was crossed at Le Touquet. 

Good Bombing results were seen with bursts coming up from dispersed buildings and alongside the runway. 

All of the bombers were seen in and out safely. 

Enemy reaction was first seen around Senaipoint after the bombing, with between six and eight e/as coming in fairly close. 

Between 30 and 40 e/a were seen, mostly 109s, and all some distance below at around 17,000 feet. 

F/L MacDonald, leading blue Section, climbed to cover Red Section which had turned port to attack two 190s.  At this time, he  saw two 109s below his starboard wing and he dived onto the rear one giving a short burst of cannon from 200 yards or less. 

Strikes were seen on the engine, cockpit and fuselage before the e/a was seen falling to pieces with both wings crumpling.  F/L MacDonald claims this e/a as destroyed.  F/L MacDonald then attacked a 109 from 300 to 400 yards, seeing strikes on the port wing tip. 

F/O MacKay saw further damage before the e/a rolled off to port and down. 

F/L MacDonald claims this e/a as damaged. 

At this point, F/L L.B. Madden, Blue 2, who was on his first sortie, dove down, apparently after the damaged 109. 

He was called back by his Flight Commander, F/L MacDonald, but made no reply. 

The rest of the Section orbited the spot briefly but were forced to take evasive action from further attacks. 

No more was seen or heard from F/L L.B. Madden. 

P/O Aitken and P/O Lane, Yellow 3 and 4, were split up from the rest of their Section on attacking two pairs of 109s which were alone. 

Shortly after this, 12 109s, flying in our Spitfire formation, attacked P/O Lane and P/O Aitken.  They evaded them by turning and climbing rapidly.  Then one 109 and four 190s, flying in star formation, suddenly attacked from port and behind.  P/O Aitken broke to port and into them while P/O Lane evidently broke to starboard. 

This was the last time P/O W.T. Lane was seen or heard of. 

One e/a destroyed and one damaged for the loss of two pilots.  Up at 1615 hours and down at 1755 hours. 

The Sections were as follows:

Blue Section                      Red Section                         Yellow Section

F/L MacDonald                S/L Magwood                    F/L Godefroy

F/L Madden                      F/O Brannagan                 F/S Shouldice

F/O MacKay                    F/L McNair                          F/O Aitken

P/O McWilliams             F/O Conrad                         P/O Lane

Thanks Dean

12 thoughts on “From Dean Black: about Lyn Bertram Madden

  1. I have a squadron photo from March 1943, April 1943 and another one the date for which is unclear, but many of the same men from April 1943 are in the photo. Not all of the men are identified in this third photo, so one might be Madden. Sadly, Madden flew one sortie, and died. The likelihood of a photo is terribly slim.

    • Send me the photos and I will post them.
      You never know what will evolve from all this.

      Sad he died on his first sortie.
      Happened a lot I think.

      I think Lyn Bertram Madden was from Lachute in Québec.

  2. Thanks gentlemen ,

    Any group pictures with P/O William Lane and F/L Lyn Madden are welcome, as they were both KIA on 15 May 1943 in my area in Normandy.

    About F/L Madden, I can add he was born Montreal.
    At enlistement his address was 204c Gohier Avenue, St Laurent, Quebec.
    His parents probably moved later because their address in 1944 was Harold Madden (father), 2220 Louisbourg Avenue, Bordeaux, Montreal. Unfortunately Lyn had no sibling and wasn’t married . The only chance to find relatives are probably uncles or nieces.

      • I have Wally Conrad’s diary from that era (mid-1943.
        Wally served on 403 at the time.

        Why is this important?

        Because in his diary he complains about getting too many F/Lts former instructors from 416 with no combat experience and Madden seems to fit that description.

  3. So young and his life cut short. As they said, “No more was seen or heard from F/LLB Madden.” Hope you can locate at least one photo.

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