Peter Lecoq’s Younger Brother

Peter Lecoq is a household name on this blog.

His brother Yvon is not.

Things will change thanks for Peter, Peter Lecoq’s son.

My sleuth sister emailed me this newspaper article yesterday. Yvon is one of my father’s younger brothers who is now 88 years young, long retired and living in the south of France. For those of you who know my cousins, Richard and Frederic Lecoq, Yvon is their father.

Subject: Article about Yvon Lecoq from Toronto Daily Star, Feb. 5, 1945

Canadian Led Maquis 5 February 1945

5 thoughts on “Peter Lecoq’s Younger Brother

  1. I read this a couple of days ago, but found it difficult to press he Like button. While these French children had good reason to defend their country, I found the tone of the period – such gusto over numbers of dead, and children brought up unable to see the other side as human beings – hard to swallow. The same scenario is happening today and the westerners are often seen in the same light as the Nazi’s were then. I don’t mean to deny their courage, I just dream of better ways of countering aggression.

    • I had the same feeling exactly.
      I am not condoning this in any way.
      This newspaper clipping is part of propaganda in the war years and as such part of history just like the word Japs was used in those days.
      I know of a Canadian veteran taken prisoner by the Japanese in Hong Kong who never forgot his years of imprisonement.
      I believe he would still use the word Japs to refere to Japanese people 72 years later.

      Thank you for your comment


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