Three Years

Lest We Forget

Three years of research on this pilot who lost in life in a plane crash October 21, 1947 in Windsor Mills. I was not even born when it happened.


Three years of research on Joseph Achilles Eugène Gagnon, a Mosquito pilot with RAF 23 Squadron. I am not even related to him.

A young French-Canadian, born May 28, 1921, a home town boy from Bromptonville who does not even have a street named to remembering him by…

A forgotten hero of Bromptonville, a town that does not exist anymore after its annexation with Sherbrooke.

Eugène Gagnon

23 Squadron, a RAF Squadron almost unknown stationed near the little village of Little Snoring in England also almost unknown. A squadron little known before I started writing a blog about it especially dedicated to it in 2010 to reach out for descendants of these airmen, pilots and navigators.

23 Squadron protected Bomber Command bombers flying over Germany…

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