Information for Stephen Beasley

Joseph Ronald Beasley was a Flight Officer Pilot. He was killed flying a Spitfire with 416 Squadron 127 Wing.

Ron Beasley 416 Squadron

His brother, William Harold Beasley was a Leading Aircraftsman, affectionately known as an Erk. He was killed while “bombing up” an aircraft.

It wasn’t just pilots and aircrew that were casualties. Many “ground crew” were also killed and injured during the war.

From the book, They Shall Not Grow Old, here is the information about the Beasley Brothers.


From, Ottawa Ontario. Killed in action Dec 24/44. #416 City of Oshawa Squadron (Ad Soltum Paratus). F/O Beasley was killed when his Spitfire aircraft # SM277 was shot down by flak at Malmedy, Belgium. Flying Officer Pilot Beasley is buried in the War Cemetery, Leopoldsburg, Limburg, Belgium.

BEASLEY, WILLIAM HAROLD  AC2 R188567 – armourer.

From Ottawa, Ontario. Died June 12/43 age 31. Died in an accident while bombing up an aircraft. AirCraftsman Second Class Beasley is buried in the Family Plot in the Pinecrest Cemetery at Ottawa, Ontario.

Mark White June 2013

15 thoughts on “Information for Stephen Beasley

  1. After a lot of research and question asking/confirming information, it turns out that the tail number on his spitfire was actually SM277 – DM was not assigned to his squadron —

    • Have you any idea how to find out what the letters were on either side of the roundel on the fuselage of his Spitfire?
      I have tried for ages and to no avail.


      • This I found on the Internet…

        F/O Beasley Joseph R RCAF ( KIA ) J/23867 N° 416 Sqdn was lost on 24/12/1944 flying Spitfire Mk XIV serial number SM-277. It seems that he was shot down by US AAA fire.Some sources says that he crashed near Kreunnickel, other says Meeuwen on a place named Gielisheide. Which one is correct ?

      • unfortunately I have no idea where he crashed, the only information I have there is that he was flying over Malmedy at the time — but a thought, is it possible that Malmedy is the English version of Meeuwen?

      • thank your Pierre — so my next quest is to try to obtain Ron’s military records and/or squadron records to see if I can find which particular aircraft he was flying at the time

      • You won’t find that information in his service record, but other information will shed light on his training days which is most interesting.
        I found a lot about my Mosquito pilot using his service record.

  2. thank you — I should have realised that — at least more to research now — just ordered his records so that may indicate something more concrete

    • The “fun” part is in the research like what I have found out about my Mosquito pilot.
      It quickly becomes an obsession.

  3. It’s been a while, I still ask if anyone may know Ron and which Spitfire he was flying at the time that he was shot down. I do know that the first 2 letters on the fuselage were DM — but the last “A to Z” would love to know as I wish to build a model of a Spitfire Mk XVI with his call letters

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