Paying homage to Ron Beasley Redux

Add this comment to this post I wrote early in 2012.


I have been researching members of my family that served during the Second World War… I remember my Dad talking of Ronald visiting him at our family home in Morden, Surrey, UK, when my Dad was a child… I believe he visited on several occasions… my Dad had various clippings etc at home and I intend to visit his grave in Belgium with my own children later this year… elder relatives have visited the site several times (alas,no longer here)… if anybody concerned with the Beasley family reads this post, I would truly be happy to receive a message for email contact… thanks…

Stephen Beasley.

PS to the above… I’d really be happy to receive any information on J.R.Beasley from any source.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

In memory of
Flying Officer
who died on December 24, 1944

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Military Service:

Service Number: J/23867
Age: 24
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force
Division: 416 Sqdn.

Additional Information:

Son of John and Susan Beasley, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; husband of Margaret Irene Beasley, of Ottawa. Mrs. Susan Beasley was a Silver Cross Mother having lost her two sons, Flying Officer Joseph Ronald and Aircraftsman 1st Class William Harold Beasley who died on 12 June 1944.

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