Mac Reeves’ Last Moment Redux

This post first published on March 20th, 2012 was the one which touched me more than any stories shared with me about 403 Squadron…

Dean Black contributed a lot and he wrote me this e-mail about Mac Reeves…

You may be interested to know that Mac Reeves sent a radio transmission to his fellow pilots moments after he had been attacked by enemy airplanes. He told them that his arm had been completely shot off and that he had no choice but to ride the airplane in. (he could not get out and he could not fly it). He wished them well and he said it was a privilege flying with them. 


Mac Reeves does not have a grandson to talk about him or remembering him by like Greg Bell and Colin Forsyth have. 

As a footnote, Mac Reeves would die just a few weeks after that picture was taken.

Mac Reeves

I often wondered who were Mac Reeves’ erks and how saddened they were when they got the news about Mac’s death.

6 thoughts on “Mac Reeves’ Last Moment Redux

  1. I got goose bumps from this. At least Mac will be remembered from here on out. We both know he is flying clear skies from here on out.

    • Mac Reeves was a friend of my father Richard (Dick) Reeves They were on 403 together
      I have a son who is 17 his name is Mac Reeves
      We are not related

      • Mac Reeves has a place of honour on my blog. I knew there was another Reeves in the squadron, but that the only thing I know. If you wish to share what you have about your father I would honoured to pay homage to him also.

  2. Re: Errol Hilliard Treleaven .
    Errol was shot down in his Spitfire on Sept. 25,1944 over Arnhem. Our family has not been successful at obtaining further details . He was listed as missing , so we would be so grateful if anybody has more info on my Uncle. Thank you. Madeleine.

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