When in Doubt… The Sequel

This a sequel of this post…


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Any chance any of the five men in the image following the line “More Stories? ” are identified. One looks a bit like my dad but we have very few pictures of him from around that time. He was with 127 and 128 AFHQ before being attached to 6 MFPS in Europe.

George White top row left


Mark White wrote back about this post…

Regarding the airmen in this photo, I have no idea who they are and I have no idea when the picture was taken. I think the fellow in the left side back row may be my father, although I am not entirely sure.

George White left

 Dave, which fellow do you think is your dad?

 I’ll look at some of my dad’s other pictures and see if I can find any more with him in them.

Engine Job 05

The fellow in the above picture bottom right is the same ERK shown in the bottom right beside the Merlin engine. No idea who the fellows are or when the photo was taken.

 I received this drawing from Dr. Mark Celiscak. He is doing research about Bergen-Belsen. A number of airmen from 127 Wing visited the camp after the cessation of hostilities in the spring of 1945 and provided relief for some of the inmates.

Bergen Belsen

Flight Officer Donald K. Anderson, also of the 127 Wing, arrived at Bergen-Belsen at the end of April or early May 1945. He completed numerous sketches of Bergen-Belsen and its inmates. Anderson ultimately completed only one water colour of the camp, which is held by the Canadian War Museum.

This picture depicts members of 127 Wing handing out a truckload of relief supplies at the camp fence.



 When in Doubt…

George White montage


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