It Does Not Take Much

One picture and one name to pay homage to someone…

Alaskan Airfield

(sign reads); 1 MILE
                  FATHER NESBITTS
                  BOYS TOWN
(back of picture); WING COM. NESBITT
                         SQAD. LEADER ASHMAN
                         PILOT OFFICER BULTON
                         AUG 1942 ALASKA

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This is what you found about him… on the Website

Born in Montreal, 16 November 1910
Educated there
Began flying with the Montreal Light Aeroplnane Club in 1933
In 1936 was judged the most competent pilot in the club
(Winning the James Lytell Memorial Trophy)
Joined the RCAF (No.115 Squadron) 15 September 1939
Obtained wings at Camp Borden, 11 April 1940
Proceeded overseas with No.1 (C) Squadron
Served in the Battle of Britain (wounded 15 September 1940)
Was the oldest Canadian in that battle
Later commanded No.401 Squadron
To Canada, 18 September 1941
Commanding No.14 Squadron and then
No.111 Squadron (15 December 1941)
Promoted to Wing Commander, 15 June 1942 & Given command of Station Annette Island
To Station Boundary Bay, 10 October 1942
C/O, No.6 SFTS, Dunneville, 30 Dec. 1943 to March 1944
To UK to command No.144 Wing (16 April to 12 July 1944)
Joined No.83 Group HQ as Accidents Investigation Officer
Promoted to Group Captain on 1 January 1945 &
Took over No.143 Wing
Returned to Canada, 16 September 1945
Retired from the RCAF on 27 November 1945
Prominent in investment business and was  President of Nesbitt, Thompson & Co. for 25 years (1952-77)  (founded by his father, A.J. Nesbitt in 1912)
Handled accounts of Trans-Canada Pipelines, Ltd., &
Wrote a book on the early troubles of that company
Died 22 February 1978 in Montreal after a skiing accident on 4 Feb. left him almost totally paralysed

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