Exclusive Pictures From Alaska Circa 1942

More pictures from Lorne Weston’s collection with this message…

Hello again Pierre

Here are more Alaska pictures for you, all but one un-dated, with Dad’s notes, where possible.

Crack up
crack up
Kitty Hawk (sic) crash landing Alaska
Kitty Hawk cash landing Alaska
Bolingbrook (sic) landing Alaska
Bolingbrooke Landing in Alaska
seaplane base Alaska
Seaplane Base in Alaska
Alaskan Airfield
Alaskan Airfield
(sign reads); 1 MILE
                  FATHER NESBITTS
                  BOYS TOWN
(back of picture); WING COM. NESBITT
                         SQAD. LEADER ASHMAN
                         PILOT OFFICER BULTON
                         AUG 1942 ALASKA
airborne on dawn patrol Alaska
airborne on dawn patrol Alaska
Kitty Hawk (sic) landing Alaska
Kitty Hawk (sic) landing Alaska
Back in the 1960s Dad told me that the “dawn patrol” picture, and others like it which I have, were taken from the Observer’s seat of a U.S.A.A.C. PB-Y Catalina, but I don’t know if they were taken at Ketchican, or Kodiak.
No caption…

    Kittyhawk with pilot

16 thoughts on “Exclusive Pictures From Alaska Circa 1942

    • What I make of it is that the airfield is one mile away.
      I don’t quite understand your comment. I want to reply correctly.

      • Sorry Pierre, just one of the pics depicts the sign Father Nesbitts Boys Town and the direction, yes I understand its off the subject of the post, but I look into storys behind storys, and found that there must be a story in the name. I checked out the pic and it seems the back has the name Wing Comd Nesbitt on it.

      • Thanks Pierre, explains the man behind the sign, the sign must be an in unit reference to him, calling him father and his unit Boys Town, only thing I can think of. Thanks for taking the time to research the details on Nesbitt.

      • Thanks for your comments. This is how history is being made on my blog. Lorne Weston shared a few pictures, and it was important to share them with the world.

      • I have just subscribed to your blog. I believe that blogging is as important as Johannes Gutenberg’s invention. Spreading information around making people smarter and wiser.

      • http://flyingforyourlife.com/pilots/ww2/n/nesbitt/

        Born in Montreal, 16 November 1910
        Educated there
        Began flying with the Montreal Light Aeroplnane Club in 1933
        In 1936 was judged the most competent pilot in the club
        (Winning the James Lytell Memorial Trophy)
        Joined the RCAF (No.115 Squadron) 15 September 1939
        Obtained wings at Camp Borden, 11 April 1940
        Proceeded overseas with No.1 (C) Squadron
        Served in the Battle of Britain (wounded 15 September 1940)
        Was the oldest Canadian in that battle
        Later commanded No.401 Squadron
        To Canada, 18 September 1941
        Commanding No.14 Squadron and then
        No.111 Squadron (15 December 1941)
        Promoted to Wing Commander, 15 June 1942 &
        Given command of Station Annette Island
        To Station Boundary Bay, 10 October 1942
        C/O, No.6 SFTS, Dunneville, 30 Dec. 1943 to March 1944
        To UK to command No.144 Wing (16 April to 12 July 1944)
        Joined No.83 Group HQ as Accidents Investigation Officer
        Promoted to Group Captain on 1 January 1945 &
        Took over No.143 Wing
        Returned to Canada, 16 September 1945
        Retired from the RCAF on 27 November 1945
        Prominent in investment business and was
        President of Nesbitt, Thompson & Co. for 25 years (1952-77)
        (founded by his father, A.J. Nesbitt in 1912)
        Handled accounts of Trans-Canada Pipelines, Ltd., &
        Wrote a book on the early troubles of that company
        Died 22 February 1978 in Montreal after a
        – skiing accident on 4 Feb. left him almost totally paralysed

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