More From Lorne Weston

Hello, Pierre
Sorry for taking so long to reply. Yes, the picture of the crashed Kittihawk was taken by my Dad, while posted in Alaska.
AK857 prang
I am including some more pictures, and have quite a few more. Dad’s American service bible might be of interest, especially the date. DND have, in the past, assured me that the only Canadian personel serving in Alaska were pilots, and no Canadians were there prior to 1942.
These pictures,
Front pages of U.S. service Bible
A Sacred Token
Dad playing the pipes, off-duty, Kodiak, Alaska
Kodiak Alaska
no notes
Kittyhawk 2 Kittyhawk with pilot 1 Kittyhawk with pilot 2
RCAF R 63795  G A Kibbler
R.C.A.F. #R 63795  G.A. Kibbler (?) W.O. II,
Ketchikan, Alaska
Unfortunately, none of these are dated.

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