When in Doubt…

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Any chance any of the five men in the image following the line “More Stories? ” are identified. One looks a bit like my dad but we have very few pictures of him from around that time. He was with 127 and 128 AFHQ before being attached to 6 MFPS in Europe.

George White top row left

9 thoughts on “When in Doubt…

    • That researcher contacted me through my blog… and I gave him Mark’s e-mail. I always share information when possiblea and when people agree to it.

      For his Pearl Resnick Postdoctoral Fellowship, Dr. Celinscak will be researching “Canada and the Relief of Bergen-Belsen.” Building on his original dissertation research, he will examine how and why hundreds of Canadian military personnel became involved at Bergen-Belsen, a camp that had been surrendered to and which remained under the control of the British Army. The remarkable Canadian efforts at this camp have not been properly acknowledged, studied or documented.

      Dave has some info on that story but not that much. His father did not talk a lot about it.

      • If Dave wants me to tell about it on the blog I will post what he wrote me.
        I always take care not to publish what people don’t want me to publish.

        Thanks for I Liking my posts on Our Ancestors.

        I just saw what you clicked on. I re-read the posts after those you liked.
        Sometimes I can’t believe all the research I have done to help others.

        I think we share the same passion… WRITING!

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