The Picture on the Wall

A legend

Lest We Forget

That’s the picture I saw on the wall when I visited Dennis Connolly back in 2012.


That’s the reason I wanted to see him again so he could talk more about it. Not to talk about the war, but about his plane.

I did not know he had more pictures until I saw those… on this site.

91 Squadron Days

Dennis is pictured there with Flight Lieutenant Demozay. I talked about Demozay here on my French version of this blog.

We also pay homage to this French pilot on this Website. The funny thing, if I might use the word funny, is that I would have never known about Flight Lieutenant Demozay and Dennis Connolly if I had not listen to Marc-André Valiquette’s advice to come and see his book presentation.

The Best Kept Secret on the West Island

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