I Will Always Remember

I will always remember the day a 10 year-old boy stopped on his way home from school and looked mesmerized in front of a display window of a men’s store. That was in 1958 on Jean-Talon Street in Montreal.

I will always remember the model airplanes the owner had put on display. The 10 year-old never looked at the men’s clothes, but he still can vividly see the airplane models in his mind… Lindberg B-17 G, Martin Mariner… but he does not recall seeing a Spitfire.


A name he would remember because his brother built a model the same year. The 10 year-old built a F-86 Sabre.

He never built another Sabre… but went on to build more than 300 or so model kits.

Three or four were Spitfires: Monogram’s Mk IX, Revell’s Mk II, a Mark V, and a large 1/32 scaled model of a Spitfire made by Revell. He has not built another one since.

That little 10 year-old is now 64 and has 50 or so unbuilt model kits. None is a Spitfire, but he has a new grandson.

He’s only 16 months-old. Too young to use plastic glue. Why am I telling you all this?

It’s because of this…


 I will tell all tomorrow.

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