403 Squadron Erks With a Captured German 3 Wheeled Truck

Mark White’s post about his father…

Here are some more pictures from my father, George White’s collection, taken in Germany during the war.

The truck appears to be a Tempo E 200 truck flatbed, probably manufactured in the mid to late 1930s.

Here’s some more information on Vidal & Sohn Tempo-Werk.

  Erks Somewhere in Germany


Erks Captured German 3 Wheeled Truck


It’s only got a capacity of 750kg – I don’t think it could carry the Merlin engine!

Erks The Truck is in the Background

The Truck is in the Background


Mark White

January 2013.

3 thoughts on “403 Squadron Erks With a Captured German 3 Wheeled Truck

  1. I never noticed before, but the the Erk standing behind the ladder in the picture captioned, Somewhere in Germany, appears to be my dad.
    He also appears to be wearing a civilian hat. Certainly not standard R.C.A.F. issue.
    I wonder where that hat came from.
    There was probably a good story behind it!

  2. Hi Mark funny you say the picture appears to be of your Dad as I thought it was of mine:) I am just on the blog now which is amazing! My Dad is standing beside your Dad is one of the first pictures when your Dad’s head is circled. I could be wrong but the pose is the same as in the first picture (my Dad always stood with his arms around his friends) and my Dad’s fingers appear to be the same (my Dad had long fingers – always thought they were fairly boney for such a well build man) my Dad’s name is C. Alex Woods (war nickname- Chuck) I didn’t think it was like my Dad to wear a hat (although he wore the same type for many years) especially as he’d been working in this picture – I imagined the man standing over him on his right just put it on his head for fun- my Dad (assuming it is him) would have left it on. The picture is indeed a tough one to identify due to the obstructed face….

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