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This film was taken when Bf-109 ace Franz Stigler met American B-17 pilot Charlie Brown for the first time since their encounter during World War II!

The true story of Franz and Charlie is now available in the New York Times best-selling book, “A Higher Call,” available nationwide! 

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About Franz Stigler:
Franz Stigler started flying gliders at age 12 and soloed in a bi-plane in 1933. He joined Lufthansa, becoming an Airline Captain, before joining the Luftwaffe in 1940. There, he became an instructor pilot, with one of his students being Gerhard Barkhorn, who would later become the second highest scoring Ace in history with over 300 victories. 

Franz transferred to Bf 109 fighter aircraft upon learning of the loss of his brother August, who died piloting a bomber shot down over the English Channel. Franz flew combat in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and…

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