A Thank You to the Men that Served in the 2nd Tactical Air Force

Victory in Europe

Victory in Europe back


I found this card in my dad (George White’s) collection.

It’s a personal message from Air Marshall Sir Arthur Coningham, to the relatives and friends of all members of the 2nd Tactical Air Force.

My dad, “Whitey” sent it to his girlfriend “Rene”.

Rene was my mother. Catherine Elizabeth Forman was from Reston, Manitoba.

Rene and Whitey met at an Air Force dance, at Rivers Manitoba. Whitey was training at No. 1 Air Navigation School at the Rivers Air Base.

 Rene and Whitey

“Rene and Whitey”

They married after the war and settled in Calgary.

I still have many of the letters he wrote her while he was overseas.

The letters were heavily censored by the Air Force, but I also have a wonderful journal that fills in many of the blanks created by the censors.

It will make a great read when I have the time to put it all together.

It might even make a great movie.


Mark White

December 27, 2012. 

2 thoughts on “A Thank You to the Men that Served in the 2nd Tactical Air Force

  1. Amazing that there is no Canadian flag on the cover of the card! We know however that the Canadian flag did not come into being until 1965.

    • A good reason to have one.

      Some fighting men thought they were considered second class since they were part of the big Commonwealth.
      You can read this in the book Unlucky Lady. Commander Stubbs made that remark when his ship was sent in harm’s way.

      Reference: Unlucky Lady, page 167, right column, second paragraph

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