August 1941 at No. 14 S.F.T.S. Alymer

This is the plane that the Duke of Kent used on his trip to visit several training bases in Canada.

Walter Neil Dove took these pictures in August 1941 at No.14 S.F.T.S. Aylmer.

Little did he know that the Duke would be killed in a plane crash in 1942. This event is still shrouded in mystery.

Walter Neil Dove also took these pictures.

This is Harry Dean.

Harry is posing in front of the Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor the RCAF used to fly the Duke of Kent.

Walter Dove also took this snapshot.

This is Dizz.

Dizz is Martin Disbrowe of St-Thomas.

He did not survived the war.

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In memory of
Leading Aircraftman


who died on October 30, 1941

Military Service:

  • Service Number: R/116603
  • Age: 20
  • Force: Air Force
  • Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force

Additional Information:

Son of George E. Disbrowe and Edith P. Disbrowe, of St. Thomas, Ontario.

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