God Was His Wingman

Dennis Connolly was coming from a strafing mission on railway yards in the Paris area. He had no ammunition left and was coming back to his base.

This mission is most probably in his logbook. I don’t know if he was with 91, 222 or 411 Squadron.

As Dennis Connolly was in sight of the England coast he noticed 5 FW-190s closing in!


He knew he was a sitting duck.

To his surprise, one after the other decided they would toy with him like five cats preying over a lonely defenseless mouse.

But Dennis Connolly was an experienced pilot and he managed to evade every attempt to shoot him down. The Spitfire he was flying was a great airplane but the FW-190 was a formidable foe.

After all this cat and mouse game, the FWs decided the fun was over and went in for the kill and attacked in force just when…

Some unknown force intervened.

Two Spitfires appeared out of nowhere and the FWs quickly turned away.

Usually veterans will rarely tell such anecdotes fearing that people would not believe them. They prefer not to tell and keep it to themselves.

Luckily for us, Dennis Connolly’s wife Lillian was there and had him recount this anecdote and another one about 91 Squadron…

It’s all about this…

We Seek Alone.

I hope I remember all the details.

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