Teg Bailed out…

F/O R. M. Tegerdine’s name is somewhere else in Walter Neil Dove’s logbook.

Teg bailed out…

Click on the image below.

Erik Schaddelee wrote a comment that got me searching.

Is this the same Ron Tegerdine as listed : T5287 21-feb-45 1410 Enschede (ZW van) Spitfire XVI SM338 403 Sqdn F/O. R.M. Tegerdine B?


3 thoughts on “Teg Bailed out…

  1. I have been following your website for a while now. My dad served as a mechanic with 403 squadron and I was quite happy to find him in the group squadron picture you posted a while back. (John Roman, front row second from left).

    Have you run across his name before? He died in 1982, he would have really enjoyed your site. I have some of his pictures and documents you may be interested in, including a written history of the squadron someone recorded in 1945. I would be curious if there is a way to figure out which pilot(s) my dad worked with. Keep up the good work.


    Jim Roman

    • I just sent you this e-mail…

      Hi Jim,

      You can send me image files of whatever pictures you have and I will post them.
      This blog is all about sharing whatever information there is out there.
      I started this blog in September 2011.

      It has been growing since then with the help of many readers.

      Keep in touch.


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