Dean Black sent these pictures of the essential parts of 403 Squadron…

403 Squadron, July 1944, B2 airbase in Normandy

KH-R gun alignment


3 thoughts on “Erks

  1. I think the serial reads “232”. If that is correct the aircraft must be NH232 which served with 403 Squadron from June to August 17th when Gordon Weber baled out of her after being hit by flak near Lisieux, France.

    • The second armed recce to go was 403 Squadron, off at 1400 hours to Lisieux and Bernay. Over Lisieux the flak was intense and F/O Gordon Weber’s aircraft NH232 was badly hit and he was seen to bale out. Although he was listed as missing, Weber managed to evade capture and returned to the squadron ten days later on 27 August. One other Spitfire was hit – that flown by Sgt Jim Forsythe — but he brought his plane back to base and aircraft MJ955 was promptly repaired.

      From this site…

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