A Living Legend: Dennis William Patrick Connolly

I could not find if Dennis William Patrick Connolly was decorated with a DFC.

I searched for Dennis William Patrick Connolly on the Airforce.ca site


Strange isn’t it.

In my book this pilot should deserve one even if he is now 94 and WWII has been over since 1945.

I know he deserves all the respect and the admiration for he gave all for his country.

500 hours on a Spitfire… Participated in the Dieppe Raid… Back in Canada as a flight instructor to train pilots at Bagotville with 130 Squadron…

What more do you have to give to be decorated with a DFC?

His recollections are here on this site.

In my quick search I think I found him in a book about 91 Squadron written by Peter Hall.

Not sure. I will have to pay him a visit.

Well I am sure it’s him… 

I will pay him a visit anyway.


3 thoughts on “A Living Legend: Dennis William Patrick Connolly

  1. About 91 squadron he flew with…
    In January 1941 the squadron was reformed from No. 421 (Reconnaissance) Flight and based at RAF Hawkinge, Kent equipped with Spitfires, carrying out weather reconnaissance and Air Sea Rescue operations. In April 1943 they were upgraded to Spitfire XIIs,the first Griffon engined Spitfires, which proved very successful in intercepting the low-flying Focke-Wulf 190s. They also flew reconnaissance missions over northern France and later concentrated on bomber escort duties. In March 1944 the squadron was assigned to the Second Tactical Air Force and flew tactical sweeps over the Normandy landing zones. Later in the year, now based at RAF West Malling, Kent and equipped with the faster Spitfire XIVs they were deployed to combat the V-1 flying-bomb attacks (Capitaine Jean Maridor was blown up in mid-air when he got in too close to shoot a V-1 down [1]). In April 1945 the squadron relocated to East Anglia to carry out reconnaissance missions and searches for midget submarines off the coast of Holland and Belgium.

  2. Hello ,
    My name is Patrick Daunais , I was a good friend of Dennis Connolly. He was in the STE.anne veterans hospital and sadly passed away April 24th 2013. He will be missed by all his family , friends . He was a great man to know and it was an honnor to have been able to call him my friend.

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