A new collaborator and a new category.

This blog pays homage to all those who served with RCAF No. 403 Squadron during WWII.

This blog is all about sharing.


Greg has shared his grandfather photo album and his precious logbook.

Mark wants to share what is seldom mentioned in WWII…



This is what George Stewart said about erks when I asked… Click here.

So next time, on this blog, we will talk about Mark’s dad who was an erk with RCAF No 403 Squadron.

I just can’t wait.

Click on the image to zoom in. Mark’s father should be there.

One thought on “Erks

  1. Thanks for setting up an Erks category.

    I can’t wait to start releasing the stuff I have – I’m really glad I have found this site where I can finally share it.
    This is the place and the community that will appreciate it.

    I can recognize some of my dad’s “crew” in this group shot from my pictures.

    My dad’s crew was referred to as the “Number 1”. I understand they held the time record for swapping out a Merlin engine that could not be beaten. His “crew” managed to stay together during the war on the continent, except for one member, who was killed during an attack on their airdrome January 01, 1945. I’ll get into more of the details I know about that later.

    I’m pretty sure the guy in the back row to the right of the prop blade with the arrow drawn across the left shoulder is my father, George Edward White LAC R119501.

    I have a picture of him standing in the bottom of a large bomb crater in exactly the same pose – right hand on the hip – take in Normandy 1944.

    What I really notice in this picture at the end of the war, is the way many of these young men rapidly age during the course of the war. My dad was born in 1921 and he would have just turned 24 in August of 1945.


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