Constructive Remarks from Mark

People don’t talk much about erks… but pilots did and respected them a lot.

About Mark’s remarks…


Good site.

Collecting info on 403 squadron during WWII is a great idea whose time has come.

The site seems a little slow, the software is a little clunky and sometimes a little difficult to follow.

You are gathering some valuable historical information here, and I’d hate to see it lost because of the fact that you might be perhaps hosting it through a free site.

My father was an Erk – Airframe Mechanic – with Bomber Command – during WWII. He transferred to 403 while stationed in England, and remained with 127 Wing from the Normandy invasion until the end of the war.

I have many of his old photos, some written journals and some great written stories I could share. I also have some crests, medals and his old Jerkin – complete with air force paint art work, as well as many of the letters he wrote while overseas.

Keep up the good work.


Mark is now an honorary member of this blog about RCAF 403 Squadron.

2 thoughts on “Constructive Remarks from Mark

  1. Dear Mark,

    I would very much like to speak with you.

    I commanded 403 Squadron in 2001 when I published the squadron history.
    The very first photo we used in the book was a photo of a bunch of “erks”. It was so hard to find other photos, learning you may have some is terribly exciting for me.

    I hope you are interested in making contact. I am prepared to offer a complementary membership in the Air Force Association if you are interested in sharing some of your material, which I would like to publish with your permission.

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