Sorry for my bad English!

A reader just wrote this…

Sorry for my bad English!

I am looking for informations about Charles P. THORNTON. His Spitfire was shot down near Courtrai (Belgium) but Thornton bailed out and the man and his aircraft fell in my area, here, in Warneton (Belgium), on 15 May, 1944.

A person, now dead, gave him his civilian clothes but Charles was too tall.

Nevertheless, Thornton was caught by the Germans and he went in Germany in a prisoner-of-war’ camp.

After the war, the Belgian man wrote to Thornton and Thornton came to Belgium in 1951 to meet again the man who had helped him.

I am searching further informations.
In 1946 his address was :
Flight Lieutenant C.O. Thornton, J.4256, RCAF c/o Military Post Office, 134. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
He was living in Detroit.
If somebody…

He does have to feel sorry for his bad English!

Merci beaucoup pour ce témoignage de Belgique.

Now if we could lend him a helping hand…


I went for a search on Google, and I found my articles…


A reader added this comment…

Bonjour Francis,

The operational records book (AIR 27/1783) mentions the following details :

At 0930hrs the squadron was off on an escort job to Douai, while passing north of Lille.

Huns were sighted on an airfield, the Wingco who was leading sent yellow section down after one FW190 which had just landed.

Chuck Thornton who was leading the section gave the first burst followed by …(ORB difficult to read) Williams, Doug Orr and Tony Bryan.

The Huns plane was last seen burning but it was an expensive do as Chuck Thornton’s plane was badly hit resulting in Chuck having to bail out.

He was last seen heading for a nearby woods as fast as he could run.

We have lost for the time being one of the best liked chaps of our squadron, a real guy, but he’ll come back just live Dave Goldberg.

There was to have been a bombing do this afternoon but it was cancelled and the rest of the day was taken up with a little practice flying.

Ramrod 889:
Escort to 36 Marauders bombing marshalling yards Douai. Results not seen. F/L C.P. Thornton a/c hit by flak forced to bale out, last seen walking towards woods in Coutrai area. Flak. Heavy accurate. Weather: 7/10ths clouds at base 6,000 ft to 7,000 feet.

F/L. C.P. Thornton Up 0930 down 1030
F/L. E.C.Williams
F/O. A.J.A.Bryan
F/O. J.D.Orr
W/C. L.V.Chadburn
F/L. W.J.Hill
F/O. J.Preston
F/O. H.V.Boyle
F/L. H.R.Finley
F/L . C.T.Brown
F/L. M.J.Gordon
F/O. E.D.Kelly

(The orb is not always easy to read.)

Best regards from another part of Belgium

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