Do You Recognize Someone in This Picture?

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Pierre Lecoq (Peter Logan) is just under the nose of the Spitfire.

But do you recognize someone else?

He is in the second row, first pilot on the left…

It should be easy.

You can leave your answer by writing a comment.


8 thoughts on “Do You Recognize Someone in This Picture?

    • Was Pierre Lecoq with 416?
      This picture you sent…

      Front Row:

      F/O Joseph P. Lecoq, Montreal
      F/L Charles P. Thornton, Detroit
      P/O John Allen Wilson, Hamilton, Ont
      Sgt Stanley Barnes, Toronto
      F/O Stanley W. Matthews, Winnipeg
      W.O.1 Clinton E. Rae, Moulinette, Ont
      Sgt James R. MacKinnon, Winnipeg

      Second Row:

      F/O Livingston Foster, Grimsby, Ont
      F/O Robert G. Middlemiss, Montreal
      F/O James F. Lambert, Winnipeg
      F/L Dean Dover, Mount Dennis, Toronto
      S/L Frank E. (Bitsy) Grant, Brockville, Ont
      W/C J.E. Johnston, DSO and Bar, DFC and Bar (Eng.)
      F/L Noel J. Ogilvie, Ottawa
      F/O Harry Dowling, Sarnia, Ont
      F/O J.D. Browne, Florham Park, New Jersey
      P/O Paul K. Gray, Toronto

      Third Row:
      F/O Thomas A. Brannigan, Windsor, Ont
      F/O John Hodgson, Calgary
      F/L Arthur C. Coles, N. Vancouver, B.C.
      F/L Herbert J. Southwood, Calgary
      Sgt Norman V. Chevers, Niagara Falls, Ont
      F/O James Preston, St. Catharines, Ont
      F/L David Goldberg, Hamilton, Ont
      F/O Malcolm J. Gordon, Edmonton, Alta
      F/L Harry A. Pattison, Hamilton, On

    • Are you sure?

      With Group Picture of Squadron at Headcorn, September 1943

      416 Squadron was never stationed at Headcorn…

      Found this on this site…

      No. 416 Squadron formed at Peterhead in November 1941 with Supermarine Spitfire Mk II’s, moving to Dyce in March 1942 when Spitfire Mk V’s were received.

      The unit stayed at various Scottish bases until June, when a move to the south began. Martlesham Heath became the main base of operations until February 1943, with Hawkinge and Redhill used as forward airfields.

      A move was then made to Kenley where in March Spitfire Mk IX’s became available.

      In May however the Squadron withdrew to the Digby sector, reverting to Spitfire Mk V’s until January 1944, when re-equipping with the Mk IXb’s took place.

      A return to Kenley followed in February 1944 to join No. 127 Wing of the 2nd TAF(Tactical Air Force).

      This was followed by a move to Tangmere in April for operations over the Normandy beachhead.

      The Squadron deployed to France on 16 June and thereafter the unit was much involved supporting and covering the armies on the ground. By the autumn the wing had moved up to Belgium and here the unit received Spitfire Mk XVI’s in December. Operations with these aircraft continued until the end of the war, by which time the Squadron had claimed 75 victories. The squadron aircraft carried the unit code DN during this period.

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