If you happen to stumble on this blog… revisited

The daughter of Peter Lecoq (Peter Logan) happened to stumble on this blog yesterday.

This is what she wrote…

I loved this blog. I am the daughter of Pierre Lecoq (Peter Logan). I have such wonderful memories of my trip to Kenley in 1966 where Dad was based. He loved to fly and went flying with him many times as a child. I would enjoy any and all information about him.

I don’t have that much information about her father, but I had found this site that gave more information on him.

Click here.

This is what I had found…

Peter Lecoq’s son had written an e-mail about his father.

“During the war, my father flew under an alias, Pete Logan. Why? During WW2, my father’s mother and siblings lived in Bonneville, France, and my father’s superiors felt that his family could face retaliation should the Germans ever learn of my father’s French roots.

My father did have some claims; however, his records are incomplete. When he went from being Pierre Lecoq (R77174) to Peter Logan, the official records for Pierre Lecoq were totally erased or lost … What I do know, is that after my father’s tour of duty ended in July of 1944, in lieu of returning to England for a rest, he donned civilian clothing and headed east to join his immediate family in Bonneville, FRANCE. Being perfectly bilingual, my father had no problem communicating in French. In order to reach his family, he had to travel through enemy occupied territory; hence, along the way he assisted the French Resistance movement in defying the Germans, and also assisted downed Allied pilots in their quest to escape enemy territory. I don’t know exactly when my father returned to Canada, but he was in the reserves (City of Montreal 438 Squadron) after the war while attending McGill University (Medicine Class of 1952).”


2 thoughts on “If you happen to stumble on this blog… revisited

  1. Pierre,
    Great work.
    I went to the link and there was a great photo of KH-P. I don’t think we have KH-P, yet. The photo was taken at North Weald. I went to North Weald in 2002, and I visited the museum, there. They have a great section for 403 Squadron. I have many pictures from my visit to North Weald. I would love to contact Marianne Lecoq. I heard from other members of 403 that her father’s name was changed to Pete Logan because his mother and father were living in France at the time of the war. This fact is corroborated on the link you cited.


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