“Admiral” Byrd’s burial place

Hank Byrd was Admiral Byrd… This was how Wally called Hank Byrd.

Here is a picture of this pilot who disappeared after leaving formation.

Wally Dove collection

Someone had information on his burial place…

Hennie wrote back.

There is still an eyewitness alive of the crash, an 88 year-old man called Luycken,  landowner , told me that the “Spitfire” crashed in the “Wilhelminabos” at Landfort.

German soldiers were quick at the place.

The pilot was for a while buried at the border of that forest, he can remember a wooden cross with his flyercap on the top, later he is reburied at the Gendringen  Cemetery.


Comment from a reader…

Hank Byrd took off from Petit Brogel at 13.30h 19 march 1945
Target: Fighter Sweep in the Rheine-Osnabrick area.
12 a/c of 403 Squadron, 5 early returns.
Source: ORB 403 Squadron

Karl Lusink

Hank Byrd Service Number: J/89351

Hank Byrd’s name appeared in Walter Neil Dove’s logbook.

Hank Byrd disappeared after leaving formation…

This is what we have on Canadian Virtual War Memorial to pay homage to this Spitfire pilot.

In memory of 


who died on March 19, 1945

Military Service:

Service Number: J/89351
Force: Air Force
Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force
Division: 403 Sqdn.
Burial Information:




Grave Reference: Row B. Grave 22.


Gendringen is a village on the Dutch-German border 30 kilometres east-south-east of Arnhem and 15 kilometres south-east of Doetinchem. The GENDRINGEN ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY is behind the church of St. Martinus, which stands in the centre of Gendringen. The British plot is near the eastern boundary wall.

I wrote an article on Hank Byrd.

Now we have more information from someone…

I’ve a photo of the wreck crashed in Landfort near Megchelen/Gendringen on 19 march 1945. (Harold Chauncey Byrd) nearby a small forest at the German/Dutch frontier.