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My dad was the E.D. Kelly mentioned above. Always warms my heart to see my dad’s name on the net or in print. It may interest you to know that my dad was wounded by an aircraft cannon shell over Normandy flying on ops with 403 Sqn on D+3. Ever one to save his aircraft, he returned to the UK. People on his Sqn remarked that the cockpit was covered with blood. He returned to ops once he recovered.
I think his most prized possession were his small silver Op Tour ‘wings’ with bar.
In no way was he a typical ‘Fighter Jock’ and was instead a mild-mannered and rather shy man typical of old rural Ontario – one could hardly believe that he was one of the best jet age aerobatic pilots in the post-war RCAF.

Brilliant website.


Paul Kelly

It was about this…

And this citation…

Victories as follows: 17 August 1943: ¼ Bf.110 destroyed (with L. Foster, J.E. Johnson, J. Preston); 19 August 1943: one Bf.109 destroyed south of Flushing; 30 June 1944: one FW.190 destroyed, Falaise; 8 July 1944: shared in destruction of a midget submarine; 10 August 1944: one Bf.109 damaged; 24 December 1944: two FW.190s damaged; 1 January 1945: ½  FW.190 destroyed (shared with E.D. Kelly) plus one Bf.109 destroyed, Gutersloh.


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