A little game from Dean Black.

He wants to find a picture for each KH planes starting with the letter A.

First one: KH-A

Pilot Syd Ford

403 Squadron


Another KH-A…

Mac Reeves

We all know what happened to Mac from this article I wrote.

You may be interested to know that Mac Reeves sent a radio transmission to his fellow pilots moments after he had been attacked by enemy airplanes. He told them that his arm had been completely shot off and that he had no choice but to ride the airplane in. (he could not get out and he could not fly it). He wished them well and he said it was a privilege flying with them. 

Mac Reeves does not have a grandson to talk about him or remembering him by like Greg Bell and Colin Forsyth have. 

As a footnote, Mac Reeves would die just a few hours after that picture was taken.

Mac Reeves

F/L Wally Dove

Now we know!

Now we know F/L Walter Neil Dove’s nickname!



Luc found it.

F/L. Wally Dove is mentioned in the ORB of 403 Squadron (AIR27/1784) as “one of our most popular members of the squadron”. He had to make a forced landing when his engine cut on 11/02/1945 , flying Spitfire SM251.

We know Wally had given nicknames to almost everyone… Jug, Rip, Gil…

Greg was quite surprise to learn his grandpa’s nickname and he posted this comment…

Wally, That’s the first time I heard that name.

Well Greg, tbere is always a first time.