Walter Neil Dove’s training days

Greg sent me lots of new scans from his grandfather’s logbook and photo album.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

More to come as I post all that Greg sent me.

Inside cover with good luck charm on the upper left.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Walter Neil Dove was stationed at No. 3 E.F.T.S. London on October 29, 1941.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Flight Instructor Chandler is teaching Walter Neil Dove how to fly.

J. H. Chandler, Flight Instructor circa 1941

Collection Walter Neil Dove

First flight at No. 3 E.F.T.S. on October 29, 1941.

We don’t say enough about the Flight Instructors.

They played a big part in the BCATP. They stayed in Canada. Most of them would have like to be posted overseas where the action was. 

I wonder what happened to Flight Instructor J. H. Chandler.

Prior to being posted there, Walter Neil Dove was first stationed  at No. 14 S.F.T.S. Alymer, Ontario and after at No. 5 Belleville, Ontario.

Collection Walter Neil Dove

Aylmer airdrome

Harvard 71

Harvard 71

Taking the bus to Belleville

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