For your grandfather

Here are two pictures sent by Walter Neil Dove’s grandson.

Ron Forsyth on the left

He sent them knowing Ron Forsyth’s grandson would show them to his grandfather.


4 thoughts on “For your grandfather

  1. Wow, thanks.
    Those are great pictures.
    I made some prints from the other ones, but I’ll print these out too.
    I’ll put together the few pictures he has and send them in. We also have access to the log book. If you are interested, we can scan that too for you to look at. He has the medals from the various campaigns he was on. I can get him to identify what each was for and give you a picture.

  2. One thing he never had was a picture of him and his airplane. He was KH-S and KH-N I believe.
    Have you seen those letter in any of the pictures?

  3. My cousin Colin informed me about this website. My son William (Great Grandson to Ron Forsyth) has been fascinated with Grandad’s experience in the War. The two photos submitted by Walter Neil Dove’s grandson were very much appreciated. Thank You Elizabeth Marshall (Granddaughter of Ron Forsyth)

  4. If your son is fascinated by his great-great-grandfather’s war experience then he will learn a lot about RCAF No. 403 Squadron with all the pictures and the scanned logbook of Greg’s grandfather.

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