Remembering Flying Officer Wallace Victor John Burdis J/40853

Remember the article I posted.

Flying Officer Wallace Victor John Burdis J/40853

Just a name?

Not quite…

This pilot’s name was in Walter Dove’s logbook.

He died on April 17, 1945.

The war was not over by any means…

Just take a look at these pages.

F/O Buzz Burdis Crashed and Died To-Day – Lack of Petrol

In memory of
Flying Officer
who died on April 17, 1945

Military Service:

Service Number: J/40853

Force: Air Force

Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force

Division: 403 Sqdn.

This is a picture of Wallace Burdis found on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial site.

There is more on the site…

He wrote a letter to his father one day before he died.

I will tell you more tomorrow.

Well, I got this comment…


I posted the letter and photo of Wallace Burdis on the Virtual War Mem site. Wallace was the only child of my great-uncle, related by marriage, so he has no blood relatives, but we remember him all the time because his dad, Uncle Clem and his step-mom, Aunt Alice, were a very close part of our family. I am so thrilled to see pictures of Wally that we didn’t even know existed!

My dad is going to be so excited to see them.

Thank you!

Dean Black sent me this information about Wallace Burdis…

Thursday, April 12, 1945

Continued operations from B.100, three operational trips flown, armed recces in the Oldenberg area. 

1st operation – 12 sorties,

2nd operation – 12 sorties,

3rd operation – 8 sorties. 

Three new pilots arrived on the Squadron today,

J29779 F/O A.A. Roy,

J39160 F/O R. Young,

J40853 F/O W.V.J. Burdis, all beginning their first tour.

The best style is the style you don’t notice.

— Somerset Maugham


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