There is little doubt that so far as Aurel was concerned flying the Spitfire was a dream come true.

As he puts it, “the sheer enjoyment of flying such a plane was incredible”.

Many 403 pilots flew this particular Spitfire.

From the book “The Manston Spitfire” by Lewis Deal
Published 1981  ISBN 0 948305 01 0

To learn more click here.

Most of the names appear in Walter Neil Dove’s photo album and on this logbook page.

No 403 Squadron (RCAF) Wolf Squadron Squadron Code KH-Z

Flight Sergeant Robert E Barbour

Flying Officer David Leslie

Flight Lieutenant James D Lindsay (DFC)

Flight Lieutenant R A Morrison

Flight Lieutenant C Leslie Rispler

Flying Officer Aurel A Roy

Flying Officer Robert C Shannon

Flying Officer Arthur Van R Sainsbury

Flying Officer Frederick W Town

Flying Officer Robert Young

Squadron Leader Henry P M Zary (DFC)

You will find these pictures on the site.


2 thoughts on “TB752

  1. Thanks for the reply.

    I have seen the Manston repaint, which has some errors. We’re concerned with her wartime livery. The colored spinner were painted after VE day – so the Michael Turner painting is incorrect as well. I have yet to see any 2TAF plane with the fuselage band painted out with anything other than camo colors (so that is not right either). From the pictures here we see the codes have no outline, but they do after VE day. And I doubt very much that VAL was painted in Sky. So fay, all we’ve seen from this period is white or yellow for “names” a/c from this period.


    • Hi,

      I had written this article before you posted your first comment.
      So I did not answer you personally.

      This article sheds a little light on all this.
      Thanks for the interest and keep on reading because I will keep on writing.



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