Captain Foster and Amigo, brothers-in-arms to be sure…

Captain Foster and Amigo  were daredevil pilots as we have read last time in Dean’s message.

Dean sent a picture to go along.

Collection Dean Black

Here again are recollections of Aurel “Amigo” Roy about Cap Foster.

Aurel told me this is because he [Captain Foster] was part aboriginal. More importantly, he told me how Cap made it overseas – he looped his Harvard under the bridge at Niagara Falls. That is correct – he looped his Harvard and went under the bridge at Niagara Falls.

Aurel and Cap were inseparable – most probably because they both got overseas.

Aurel decided one day to “buzz” all the skiers at Camp Fortune, north of Ottawa. He flew so low, as he climbed up the slope with his Harvard, that skiiers scattered and fell getting out of his way. When he reached the top of the hill he flipped over inverted and pulled down to conceal his escape on the other side of the mountain. Sadly for Aurel the entire head of the air force was at a retreat at Camp Fortune – the highest ranking Air Marshals were all there to see it.

He was disciplined and got shipped overseas. When he met up with Cap Foster – “the Chief” – they were brothers-in-arms to be sure.

I found more information about Cap Foster whom Amigo called the Chief.

The story in itself is interesting.

I will tell you more next time.